Texas Chili Pequin Garlic Salt (12 oz.)


Chili Pequin grows wild in parts of Texas and Mexico. The most common wild variety is Chiltepin also referred to as Bird Pepper or Petin. Our Texas grown Pequin is hand harvested, dried and blended with only Kosher sea salt and garlic to maintain the smoky, nutty, citrus tones and natural heat this chili delivers.

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Texas Select Seasonings™.After twenty plus years of perfecting all natural spice blends and fresh salsas for family barbecues, competition and special events, we are confident you will find our products have “A Taste as Bold as Texas™”

It’s all about family at Texas Select Seasonings™.

This site is dedicated to the loving memory of three of the most influential people in my life. The products for sale on this site are all about family.


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